Adrien’feedback : « A great moment ! A very good practice on different tracks. I really recomends it for beginners like me. Thanks a lot for your sympathy and your passion sharing.”

« This experience is exceptionnal ! Really athletic but it was a real pleasure. Has to be done again »

«   Great Moment ! Very good explanations. I was very comfortable there, they responded to all my expectations. I was really the manager of my driving. The simulator is great before taking driving lessons. The team is very nice and welcome you very well. Thanks. See you very soon. »

Ambeline comments : “  Simulation really great. Very good sensation, it will make me thinking to take driving licence into consideration….may be this year…! Thanks for your kindness and patience.”

Here is Didier’s comment : « Great welcoming, wonderful sensations,excited but more difficult than in reality but inpires you to do again. Great experience, Thank you for this shared moment.”

Val’feedback : “ On the simulator, we have the same sensations as on the road. It’s Great for Beginners…! “

Christian reaction after his Experience  on the MRS1000 .

“ More difficult than it seems ! Very Good Tool to Learn race track riding.”

Eric’s feedback: “A Very Beneficial Experience, allowing me to Discover the two wheel sensations without the Beginner’s fear of Falling

Mickaël reaction after his experience from January 28th 2017, on the  MRS 1000: ”Very Good Experience. Now, I have a overview of riding on a racetrack…and it is really not easy…!!!

Thanks for this Great Innovation, I’ll come back to improve my skill..!”

Marc and Ronny, two of our clients who discovered the MRS 1000 . (Ronny, left picture - Marc, right picture).



Philippe reaction after his experience  on the MRS 1000 :

“Great experience for who wants to discover the race track feeling and even for others: to be promoted … ! “.


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