Whe are:
- at 20 minutes from Arras and from Saint Pol sur Ternoise
- at 30 minutes from Béthune
- at 1h15 from Lille
- at 2h from Paris

                Drone Entertainment

Drone technology makes you want to explore this environment, or simply learn how to use these devices?

In contact with a passionate team, come and experience new piloting sensations in a controlled flight environment, thanks to INOSIME.

Accessible to all, youth and older, experienced pilots or beginners, we adapt to your level to support you in your progress.

Book your personalized experience or gift now at:

07 61 55 40 40 or by email on !!

(From 14 years old: 30 mins 12€ Reservation required)


Have Fun on our motorcycle simulator driving a 1000GSXR. This is not a vidéo game ! Ride a motorcycle safely with a choice of several type of ride. 16 and older are welcome. We are located, in the Hauts de France. Please visit our website: 

See you Soon. Vvvv

WINNER of a Simulator Session Kévin, during the 4 th Buysscheure’s Motorcycle Event. (59- France)


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