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The MRS 1000 (Motorcycle Racing Simulator)
is unlike any other simulator ever conceived!

The MRS 1000 incorporates a full size, fully functional, high powered racing motorcycle into the simulator apparatus. The operator is capable of achieving impressive speeds and performing turns at 50 degrees angle of inclination to vertical. All while safely supported in a patented framework system that allows complete control and freedom of movement for the rider and the bike !

The apparatus is conceived to provide real motorcycle rider sensations experienced in both, regular riding conditions with air circulation according to the bike speed and in exceptional situations when tires loose grip in curve or in case of driving mistakes.

A panoramic screen provides realistic vision on the track you have chosen do challenge your riding capability. The MRS 1000 propose you a journey to fulfill your evasion desire.


For the casual motorcycle-racing enthusiasts the MRS 1000 provides the opportunity for the rider to experience the reality of a closed track. It allows them to gauge their nerve, elevating their ride experience to an entirely new level, while providing a safe atmosphere for both rider and equipment.

For the experienced racing professional, the MRS 1000 provides an opportunity to train and perfect through repetition those precise and critical behaviors required to shave milliseconds off of best times without incurring risk and the high cost of securing track time for practice. It also allows racing teams to analyze equipment performance and the impact of different set-up strategies on the motorcycle in preparation for a race.


INOSIME envisions a two-tiered market approach for the MRS 1000

Public access:

Over the next few years INOSIME plans to establish regional facilities where motorcycle hobbyists would be able to schedule time on the MRS 1000 to experience the thrill of motorcycle racing.

Due to the ability to swap out the motorcycle in the simulator, it is possible to mount different type and size of motorbike on the MRS 1000 so all publics can use it.

With the growing interest in motorcycling, INOSIME envisions creating portable MRS 1000 stations which would be set-up at large cycling rallies, races and events to enhance the overall fan experience.

Professional Racing teams:

INOSIME believes that the MRS 1000 will quickly become an important training tool for the motorcycle racing industry. It can be used for training both pilots and support team in a repetitive and cost effective environment.

Specific conditions can be proposed to consider specific needs expressed by the different teams.

For buying or leasing a simulator:

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Riding motorcycles is a sport whose fans and participants are passionate about the ride ! INOSIME’s MRS 1000 stands ready to heighten that passion by making it truly embraceable and safe.



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