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Drone Entertainment

Drone technology makes you want to explore this environment, or simply learn how to use these devices ?

In contact with a passionate team, come and experience new piloting sensations in a controlled flight environment, thanks to INOSIME.

Accessible to all, youth and older, experienced pilots or beginners, we adapt to your level to support you in your progress.

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(From 14 years old: 30 mins 12€ Reservation required)

Drone Services

INOSIME offers aerial photography services for your projects.

We carry out missions ranging from simple shooting, to setting up precise flight plans for your photogrammetry projects.

Technical expertise can also be provided in image processing, to support you in the precise use of images.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your needs and expectations at:
07 61 55 40 40 or by email on

Examples of missions:

  • Shooting of historical monuments.
  • Roofs survey flight.
  • Flying over dangerous or inaccessible areas.
  • Video data acquisition for video presenting your city, your Events, your company (etc ...)
  • Mapping of a building or monument in order to carry out measurements.

Motorcycle Simulator

INOSIME unveils a unique installation to better understand driving a motorcycle. Made with a screen, with a video projector, automated treadmil and a real motorcycle, the MRS 1000 is the ideal simulator for a real moment of fun or to improve your driving. Born from an entrepreneurial desire and a passion for the world of two wheels, INOSIME wished to combine engineering and automation for the design of a simulator that gives you more real-than-life driving sensations.

The INOSIME motorcycle simulator is intended for individuals and professionals alike and is ideal for events of all kinds. Corporate seminar, anniversary, INOSIME will meet all your expectations and provide you with the advice of a team of piloting experts. Leave with memories in your head and your free photos to remember this unique moment.

INOSIME offers driving sessions for a moment of fun. Combine adrenaline and thrills for an unforgettable moment, at the controls of a real motorcycle, adapted for simulation in complete safety. Discover a multitude of tracks and circuits adapted to all piloting levels.

Whether you want to improve your driving skills, or discover motorcycle, the MRS 1000 is made for you! Created by true enthusiasts of the two wheels , INOSIME has all the assets to seduce you.

Discover the various services offered by INOSIME :

  • Motorcycle simulation for all
  • Motorcycle simulator purchase

Passionate about the world of two wheels and always in search of innovations, we make it a point of honor to provide you with the best simulation for a sensation identical to reality. INOSIME is the ideal place to improve your driving skill in complete safety and to understand as well as possible the gestures and driving positions to adopt on a motorcycle.

Drone Pilot Training

INOSIME, offers qualifying drone piloting training, in order to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for carrying out a professional activity.

The trainings take place both in a controlled indoor environment, then outdoors for a setting in real conditions. .
You will operate according to the flight scenarios established by the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

During our training sessions, we focus on practical activities so that at the end of the course you are operational and confident in the different flight scenarios that you may encounter. .

Administratives procedures, requests for flight authorizations, as well as the various safety instructions to be observed will also be at the heart of the program.

We also offer training to prepare you for the drone pilot theory exam.

At the end of the training, you will have the practical and theoretical skills necessary to progress serenely in your professional activities. We also provide post-monitoring to support you during your first missions.

Contact us for the training calendar and for the detailed program. Trainings can be done in French and English.


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