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As a young man Guy Dericquebourg experienced his first taste of love early on. Though a true Frenchman, it was not some local mademoiselle that captured his heart, but rather the thrill, excitement and pure adrenaline rush of motorcycling! He spent all his free hours cruising the beautiful, back-country roads surrounding his home town, Bethonsart, France.

As his skills developed and grew, so too did the size and power of the motorcycles he rode. As he grew older his passion for speed surged as well, and herein was the problem. Not all the users of the national roadways shared his pursuit of that razor’s edge that lies between daring and danger! Not all motorists would measure distances traveled in increments of elapsed time! There was also a need to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of law enforcement! With these considerations in mind, a seed was planted.

Years later, after securing advanced degrees in Mechanical, Electrical and Software engineering from the University of Valenciennes, and having spent more than twenty years as a Design Engineer for Europe’s big industrial group, Dr. Dericquebourg finally believed he had the tools he needed to allow that seed to sprout!

Like the early pioneers of the automotive and aviation fields, Dr. Dericquebourg worked diligently in the quiet solitude of his garage at home. He spent countless hours designing, fabricating, assembling and testing the unique piece of equipment inspired by that initial seed.

And now, it is with great pride that INOSIME announces the fruition of that seed, the MRS-1000!

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