Corentin’s opignion : «  Great experience, thank you for your great welcome ! The simulator is really very realistic ! »

Mélanie and Cyril ‘s opinion : “ Had a great time on the motorcycle simulator, great briefing by the instructor and his wife. Thank you.”

Jonathan’s opinion : “Very good time, good advices and good listen to as well as a passion that you share with everyone. Thank you for this good time.”

Willy’s opinion : “  A very original moment. I recommend it even to confirmed riders. An experience to do and to to live. Warm and very friendly welcome.”

 Thierry’s opinion on Drone Iniation and Amusement  : « It was a very entertaining family activity. Guy was able to give very clear explanations and instructions. Thank you very much for this experience!

Joël’s opinion:” It was very fun! Especially seeing my friend having difficulties piloting the drone and losing his patience! He managed to control the drone in the end! Very entertaining, love it! Thanks.”

Dany’s opinion : “ Very good experience, and a great feeling for a motorcycle recovery. I really recommend it.”

Jonathan’s opinion : “ Pretty pleasant experience, I did appreciate the welcoming but also the discovery of the simulator. I recommended this experience to test this simulator.”

Opignion from Ludwig : “  Good feeling of power, good installation, good welcoming and good simulation. Despite my lack of experience on two whells and on the use of a manual gearbox.”

Comment from Vincent : “ Very nice experience with clear explanations that we don’t think of at the time but wich are very useful. To do again. Thanks a lot.”


Comment from Anton: “ Very nice experience and discovery with good explanations.”

Comment from Anthony : “ The simulator was great experience for a race track beginner like me, we are fully in the ride on the handlebars of the beautiful GSXR1000. A big thank you for this experience and for the owners kindness and passion.”

Christopher’s opinion : “ Very satisfied with the service, to be done again quickly.”

Manu Dxy

It was with great pleasure that we have participed, with my brother-in-law, in a session this afternoon. Wonderful experience for beginners like us (no motorcycle licence) on a super bike. Thanks to Guy and Annie for the support and advices. I highly recommend, even for most experimented people.

Maxime’s opinion : “ Very impressive simulator and very pleasant managers. A great time! “

Valentin’s opinion : “Very good experience. Very well welcomed. Very friendly people. I will recommend it around me.”

Aline’s opignion : “ Nice experiment to live. Brilliant welcome. Good explanations. To do again. “

Ben’s opignion : “ Excellent service. Very warm welcome and very clear explanations. To be recommend to all. First conclusive experience and thank you for this initiation.”

Opignion of Anne So: “ A big thank you for the availability and all the advices given. The idea is ingenious, a great discovery. Thank you and see you soon.”

Judicaël’s opinion : “ I really enjoyed this experience, I highly recommend it. Thank you.”

David’s opinion : “ Nice time spent on the simulator. Thank you.”                                                                         

Opignion of Jean Pierre : “ - A very good experience. -  Not so obvious, yet biker on the road, The feeling is different on the track. To do.”

Opinion of Pierre- Louis : “ A very nice bike, after being accustomed the riding starts to be pleasant and physical at the same time. A great experience to discover the race track without danger.”

Romain’s opinion : “ Very good reception for this first test driving on the circuit. The pleasure comes after a few minutes of trying. It’s worth a try.”

Gérald’s feedback : “ Very nice moment, which makes it possible to understand how a motorcycle works, for a beginner like me. Shifting and mastering the trottle grip. Riding on  a race track is not easy, but we can do it…A must to try for experienced or novice riders…”

Nadège’s feedback:” Superb afternoon, brilliant!!! Thank you very much to both of you, very nice and very pleasant! You are super nice! See you soon.”

Jonathan’s feedback : « Good experience. Very nice welcome by the Inosime team. »

Opinion of Christophe: "very good welcome, team very passionate for their activity. Clear explanation, on the simulator, great patience and support throughout the session to be able to bring out the best performance with the maximum of pleasure on the bike.

I recommend il."

      Julien’ feedback : «Interesting, not too easy to start with, it is important to practice!”

Damien’feedback : « Good time, good teaching. »

Adrien’feedback : « A great moment ! A very good practice on different tracks. I really recomends it for beginners like me. Thanks a lot for your sympathy and your passion sharing.”


« This experience is exceptionnal ! Really athletic but it was a real pleasure. Has to be done again »

«   Great Moment ! Very good explanations. I was very comfortable there, they responded to all my expectations. I was really the manager of my driving. The simulator is great before taking driving lessons. The team is very nice and welcome you very well. Thanks. See you very soon. »

Ambeline comments : “  Simulation really great. Very good sensation, it will make me thinking to take driving licence into consideration….may be this year…! Thanks for your kindness and patience.”

Here is Didier’s comment : « Great welcoming, wonderful sensations,excited but more difficult than in reality but inpires you to do again. Great experience, Thank you for this shared moment.”


Val’feedback : “ On the simulator, we have the same sensations as on the road. It’s Great for Beginners…! “

Christian reaction after his Experience  on the MRS1000 .

“ More difficult than it seems ! Very Good Tool to Learn race track riding.”

Eric’s feedback: “A Very Beneficial Experience, allowing me to Discover the two wheel sensations without the Beginner’s fear of Falling.”

Mickaël reaction after his experience from January 28th 2017, on the  MRS 1000: ”Very Good Experience. Now, I have a overview of riding on a racetrack…and it is really not easy…!!!

Thanks for this Great Innovation, I’ll come back to improve my skill..!”


Philippe reaction after his experience  on the MRS 1000 :

“Great experience for who wants to discover the race track feeling and even for others: to be promoted … ! “.


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